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Oh, GapFit, You are Just OK…

Oh, GapFit, I don’t know about you. About a year ago, I discovered you at the Rosedale Mall. You were a subsection of the regular Gap but instead of jeans, you were selling sassy color blocked yoga leggings and running jackets. The GapFit mannequins all looked like sleek, headless, well-outfitted, liposuctioned, and color coordinated Edina MILFs. However, on one of the tables, I spotted a pair of yoga shorts. Oh, so cute! You know the kind? The ones with the cute ties on the side that everyone wears to Bikram Yoga? Well, at $26.99 a pair, I couldn’t resist you and I bought two pairs. Because, as any Bikram Yogini knows, $26.99 for a pair of shorts is a good deal.

Well, the fabric isn’t made of Supplex or Coolmax (my preferred fabrics for active wear) but it is still sweat-wicking. The real issue I had with my GapFit shorts were that they seemed to retain too much sweat during my hot yoga classes and tended to get kind of soggy. Now, I would expect that with a yoga class that is 105F/40C, I would tend to generate quite a bit of sweat, but these shorts didn’t seem to hold up well at the end of class and tended to be more “sloggy” than my other shorts. The shorts seem to wash well, but they really aren’t by “preferred” pair of yoga shorts but I will probably wear them until they wear out because I can’t seem to turn off my cheap gene.

Maybe, just maybe, if you start making your yoga clothes with different materials, I might give you another go, GapFit. Also, your sports bras are a bit boring- like a regular bra that I could get at Target. Another complaint I have about GapFit is that their running jackets do not seem as fitted or flattering as VSX, Bebe Sport, or Athelta. To conclude, if you are a Bikram Yoga practitioner on a budget, looking for some cute yoga shorts, I would recommend these shorts to you. I think they are better than their Old Navy and Target counterparts, but not as good as Bebe Sport or Athleta.

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I (Finally) Tried Barre

It’s been a while since I have written something lately and I wanted to write about barre since it’s a new fitness class I have been incorporating into my routine.

I have wanted to take a barre class for a really long time. Finally, one day last fall, I decided to do it. My first choice for barre was an independently owned studio in Minneapolis called Barre Bliss. I chose Barre Bliss for a couple of reasons. First, they seemed to get really good reviews on Yelp.com. Also, I liked the fact that the studio owner had a background in ballet. This seemed important to me. (I, personally, do not know how someone can teach a ballet-inspired fitness class with no background in ballet but go figure.)

The studio space at Barre Bliss is shared with other businesses. However, it’s still a pretty nice studio space that reminds me of an airy loft. I have only had Molly as an instructor but she seems to know what she’s doing and offers up corrections as to form. Also, I like how this barre class incorporates a lot of yoga in the beginning and ending of class. My favorite, of course, are the barre exercises in the middle of class.  Parking can be a bitch. (It’s in Uptown- what do you expect?) But, it’s worth it.

I have also taken barre class at Time Out Pilates and Fitness. (I got a Groupon for this studio- $59 for 10 barre classes). This is a very nice studio space! Their barre class is called Behind Bars. This should clue you in that it is more fitness than ballet or yoga based. I really like the instructors at this studio and the space is beautiful. However, I think I like the barre classes at Barre Bliss a bit better because of their incorporation of yoga at the beginning and end of class.

I am up for exploring other barre studios around town but Barre Bliss has been my favorite so far.

What should you wear to a barre class? I would recommend wearing a nice form-fitting, sweat-wicking tank and a pair of yoga leggings or pants. I think the yoga leggings with the tapered bottoms are your best bet. I personally love Under Armour’s studiolux line. I would also recommend eating some high protein snack an hour before class. Happy dancing!

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Bebe Sport- It’s Cute

I’ve got a confession to make. I kind of like Bebe Sport. Actually, I don’t like it, I kind of love it. I especially love their shorts which I wear for various types of hot yoga (Bikram, Power Yoga, Hot Power Fusion, Moksha, etc.) For some reason, their shorts fit perfectly for my body type. I really like how they aren’t too long and aren’t too short. They are made from a different kind of fabric called “Be Fit” which feels kind of thin to me but I’m OK with it! It seems to work. Plus, I’m all about sweating and looking cute at the same time.

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Why Yoga is Annoying

This is so funny, especially this part:

There are teachers and students who think flexibility is some kind of indication of how good a person you are. A teacher once said to me, “Your hamstrings are tight is because your mind is not flexible.” I said, “Have you ever taken differential calculus?” She said, “What?” I said, “Have you ever taken differential calculus?” She had not. She said she was terrible at math. I said, “Well, I am very good at math.” (This was not strictly true, but I was quite confident I was better at math than she was.) “Is there something wrong with your mind that you aren’t?” (No, this was not just a strategy to stop this person from soul-hugging me, but it did have that fortunate side effect.)

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Review of VSX: Who Knew?!?

Marsha Rating: Yes, I will be buying their stuff again.

I have to admit, I haven’t been to a Victoria Secret in years until I decided to stop in because they are now carrying a new VSX active wear line. 

The VSX section is quite big and well stocked at the Uptown and Roseville locations in Minnesota.  What they don’t have in-store, you can always order online which is nice. In fact, I ordered two sports bras a few weeks ago and they were shipped via UPS innovations which means I didn’t have to wait for the UPS guy/girl because they were actually delivered USPS.

How did VSX fair for hot yoga? Pretty damn good actually. I am not 100% positive, but I believe their clothes are made out of Coolmax which is the same material as Karma Yoga Wear.  I love their minimum support sports bras, headbands, skirts, and shorts.  Some of their sports bras are a little too underwire for my liking though.  I will definitely consider buying VSX again because of their very cute gear.

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